The purchase of a property in Nice

Our aim is to offer you the widest range of products possible in the Nice property market.
We are certainly one of the most active companies in the area, specialising in sales of apartments or villas, or any other type of property in the Cote d’Azur and Corsica.

The use of magazines has enabled Agence Aragon to become one of the biggest agencies to use this form of advertising.
In 1998 the agency decided to concentrate its sales on the Cote d’Azur, and mainly specialising in Nice, with the help of Nice Real Estate to diffuse the properties for sale on the internet.
The wide range of products held on the companies database, the large international clientele, for the buying and selling of apartments in Nice, the quality of the property service along the Cote d’Azur, (specialised multilingual team) and the excellent quality/price rapport for apart ments in Nice, we do our very best for the Agence Aragon is well referenced to reach whoever is wishing to acquire property in Nice and the Cote d’Azur.

The property market in the Côte d’Azur and Corsica.

The amount of new apartments in the area have never been so rare in the past ten years, with the highest priced apartments being sold within ten months. A rise in offers and sales has still continued despite of the rise in property prices in the area. Only Cannes is seeing its offers and prices fall.
property market
Regarding the resale market, professionals are predicting stagnation, in CANCA, CARF, and CASA. Only Cannes is progressing with a 10% rise.
Everybody has noticed a rise in accommodation, which have reached their highest levels in two years, but this is expected to hold for a short period.
The penalisation for the workers in the area are facing a shortage of affordable accommodations in the Nice property market as the prices are too high for them. Only foreigners are prepared to pay the prices which are at offer.
Sites such as the CANCA has put together a listing of accommodation that is available for the locals. These actions prove that the local institutions are aware of these problems, which they are trying to eradicate the bias of this accommodation policy in the AM.
If Nice is the most expensive city in France, after Paris, it still remains the most accessible city within the Alpes Maritimes. The m² lies at about 2000€ in older buildings, with the condition of not being on the water front, where the prices are multiplied by three.
These prices do not put off the foreign clientele, who support the inflation of the high quality products. There are still many Italians, and the Nice airport brings together the Cote d’Azur and Northern Europe.
The purchase of quality apartment on the Cote d’Azur or Corsica does not only insure a solid property investment, but also allows to enter into the fascinating world of investment.
Same manner, the acquisition of a property in Nice or Côte d'Azur, not only involves a real investment of course whose value increases with time, but moreover to enter in an attractive world that allows you which attracts international customers. The Agence Aragon, is very well places in the area of Nice allow us to be close to our customers constantly and to be for them as a sure guarentee.

To sell a property in Nice France

If you are looking to put your property on the market, the commercial agents of Agence Aragon will be happy to assist you. Please fill the form on the page contact and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.