To seel an apartment in Nice France

Selling of buying a apartment in Nice France is a complex legal procedure where serious consequences can occur if all different aspects are not carried out correctly.
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If you intend to sell your apartment in Nice, we are available for the following areas of advices:

  • A free estimation of the property value
  • Create a sales dossier
  • The mesurements of the apartment

The apartment market in Nice

The park of aparments in Nice is composed of an old park with undeniable architectural qualities, but the at the disparate level of comfort and of a recent park to the residential characteristics, present in particular on the Western district and the hiils. This park rises with nearly 212.000 residences, including 77.8% intended for the main homes, primarily in apartment buildings, with an average size of 3 rooms. The second homes (9.2%), of a smaller size are localised on the places of interest gravitational, close littoral and mounts. These apartments are quantitatively sufficient in comparison with the need for the population, but qualitatively unsuited to the request, in particular of the credits. Within sight of the real market trends, part of the population encounters difficulties of being placed.

The traditional course of housing (rental private or social towards possibility of home-ownership) is thus blocked by it, with the image of the situation of the large towns of France. Part of the households cannot "leave" the public social park or lies in residences whose size is lower than their needs (phenomenon of over occupation). The park of unoccupied apartments, rather significant in Nice, represents a potential of offer. To this end, public actions are initiated by the City or the General Council (O.P.A.H. "vacant apartments ") in order to encourage the owners to rent or relet their apartments with framed rents (rents known as officially agreed) favorable in the active or the students (31.000 students). In addition, one can stress that the production of social housing (20.581 residences) increased by 39,5% since 1995.